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10 not ou at all pantōs meaning the ho sexually pornos immoral of ho this houtos world kosmos, or ē the ho greedy pleonektēs and kai swindlers harpax, or ē idolaters eidōlolatrēs, since epei then ara you would have opheilō to go exerchomai out ek of the ho world kosmos. 11 But de now nyn I am writing graphō to you hymeis not to associate with anyone ean tis who bears the name of onomazō brother adelphos if he is eimi a sexually pornos immoral or ē greedy pleonektēs person , an idolater eidōlolatrēs, slanderer loidoros, drunkard methysos, or ē swindler harpax not even mēde to eat with synesthiō · ho such a one toioutos. 12 For gar what tis business is it of mine egō to judge krinō · ho outsiders exō? Is it not ouchi those ho inside esō the church that you hymeis are to judge krinō?

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